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Recent updates

The public enjoys the opportunity to explore fossils and learn more about paleontology from UCMP students. Photo by Renske KirchholtesUCMP students help the public unleash their inner scientist
November 19, 2015

On November 7 UCMP participated in the Bay Area Science Festival Discovery Day at AT&T Park. Discovery Day is the closing event of the annual Bay Area Science Festival – a science extravaganza offering a wide range of science and technology activities in a variety of venues over a two-week period. The UCMP joined other […]

KathyZoehfeldUCMP volunteers discover important specimen
November 19, 2015

UCMP volunteers Kathy Zoehfeld and Don Pecko recently discovered a type specimen from the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History among the hundreds of thousands of fossils in the former USGS Menlo Park collection.

An African elephant grazing among trees.Landscapes change forever when large mammals disappear
October 30, 2015

Research on the extinction of large mammals by members of the Barnosky Lab and their colleagues highlights how entire landscapes are affected when modern elephants and their extinct relatives, mastodons and mammoths, disappear.

forestfireFive Climate Tipping Points We've Already Seen, and One We're Hoping For
September 22, 2015

This week is Climate Week in New York, when President Obama, Pope Francis, and many other world leaders converge to continue hammering out commitments intended to limit global warming to 2 degrees C or less, to be presented at the make-or-break COP21 climate meetings in Paris in early December.

Teachers Monica Sircar (left; Everest Public High School, Redwood City) and Crystina Ayala (ASCEND K-8 School, Oakland) use string to represent rays of sunlight hitting Earth's surface at different angles at different latitudes.UCMP and Stanford partner on a global change workshop for teachers
August 21, 2015

Middle and high school science teachers received double the resources when UCMP and Stanford’s School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences teamed up to offer a week-long workshop on global change.

UCMP student assistants Michele Maybee, Elyanah Posner, and Danielle Heinz; UCMP research assistant Sarah TulgaUCMP science casual: Dinosaur NightLife at the California Academy of Sciences
August 20, 2015

Imagine over 3,000 adults in San Francisco’s California Academy of Sciences (Cal Academy) for a night of fun special exhibits, drinks, and a serious science social. Now imagine it every Thursday.

Lead author Brian Rankin holds jaws of two species of 50 million year old horses.  Measurements of their teeth were used to study how global change can affect how mammals evolve.New research shows how mammals became smaller in response to dramatic climate warming
August 3, 2015

Fifty-six million years ago the Earth underwent a dramatic warming event, with temperatures increasing by as much as 7º Celsius over a span of just 100 000 years. Many mammals responded to this temperature increase by becoming much smaller. How these changes happened, however, is poorly understood. Identifying and measuring the mechanisms that drove these changes was the focus of a new study by University of California Museum of Paleontology researchers Brian Rankin and Pat Holroyd, and colleagues from University of Calgary and Western University of Health Sciences.

ptreyes-fossilPartnership with Point Reyes National Seashore leads to important discovery of marine specimen
July 8, 2015

UCMP’s partnership with Point Reyes National Seashore (National Park Service) has resulted in the discovery and collection of an important marine mammal specimen.

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