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  • Building the COPUS network - Underpinning the COPUS effort is a growing network of organizations and individuals who share a common goal: engaging sectors of the public in science and increasing their appreciation and understanding of the scientific enterprise. Find out more about participating in the COPUS Network.

  • Developing state-level benchmark science-indicator reports on the importance of science to the U.S. economy and standard-of-living

  • Supporting a national effort to promote the public understanding of science in a year-long celebration: Year of Science 2009 (also available: Year of Science 2009 fact sheet [PDF])

  • Integrating efforts with the Understanding Science website project currently under development at the University of California, Berkeley


January 2006, Berkeley: A workshop, funded by the National Science Foundation and hosted by the University of California Museum of Paleontology, was held in Berkeley, CA, January 25-27, 2006 to initiate discussions on the creation of a national effort that would focus on improving the public understanding of and engagement in science.

August and September 2006, Denver: The purpose of these meetings was to further define the COPUS effort — its rationale, goals and objectives, structure, services and next steps. During the September meeting, COPUS met with the Colorado Science Forum to discuss commonalities of purpose and possible joint courses of action.


October 23-25, 2006: Geological Society of American Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA

November 9, 2006: Association of Earth Science Editors Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA

  • Science Under Fire, Panel Discussion, Technical Session I, 8:30-10:15, Lee Allison participating

December 14, 2006: American Geophysical Union Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA

  • A Coalition on the Public Understanding of Science, presented by Judy Scotchmoor, Moscone West, Room 3006, 2:25 PM

Year of Science 2009

1 January 2009 - 31 December 2009:
Year of Science 2009 is a nationwide effort to engage the public in activities that will stimulate their interest in and appreciation of the processes and nature of science. Participating organizations will share information and collaborate as they develop programs for 2009, such as making the public understanding of science the theme of their 2009 annual meetings, free public lectures and hands-on experiences in science, K-12 classroom activities, roundtable discussions, editorials, radio spots, online resources, programs at museums and science centers, or starting a local Café Scientifique — in all, demonstrations of how science plays a vital role in the future of humanity and inspires the best qualities of the human spirit.