Participating in the COPUS network

As part of COPUS, your organization will become part of a national network sharing resources and leveraging efforts. You will have the opportunity to interact with others to promote common goals and develop joint strategies to improve the public understanding of science.

Advantages to COPUS network participants

  • Your organization's activities highlighted on the COPUS website

  • Access to COPUS communication resources and network

  • Receipt of COPUS email alerts and newsletter

  • Opportunity to support a national effort to promote the public understanding of science in a year-long celebration: Year of Science 2009

  • A role in growing the COPUS community, providing input on COPUS direction and activities

Expectations of COPUS network participants

  • Support the development of regional coalitions and partnerships in your area

  • Share best practices and evaluation data about those practices with the rest of the COPUS network

  • Work with the COPUS network to develop common messages and themes

  • Promote and embrace the full spectrum of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics as critical to our societal wellbeing

Participants in the COPUS Network agree to the following characterization of science:

  • Science is a way of learning about what is in the natural world and how it works.

  • Science involves a process for testing ideas.

    • Science proposes broad natural explanations for how the natural world works and tests those explanations by making observations of the natural world.

    • Scientific explanations must be predictive and hence, falsifiable or testable.

  • Science is an intellectual and social endeavor.

    • The process described above is carried out by individuals and communities. In that sense, science is also a social system for building knowledge about the natural world.

    • Science involves individual reasoning and large scale interactions among scientists all around the world. The social nature of science is a critical component of its success.

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