ISTAT Faces, continued...

"What I find exciting about my involvement in ISTAT is that the project provides a unique opportunity to share the rich resources of NASA and UC Berkeley space science with students and teachers - I was motivated through the neat space images to become an astronomer, and hope young people will be too!" Isabel Hawkins, Associate Research Astronomer and Center for Science Education Director (CSE@SSL)

"I am involved in ISTAT because I am interested in trying to develop a fuller curriculum that takes advantage of the better resources on the web, and developing ways to make my students better discriminators when researching information." Kevin Hartzog, Teacher, Thurgood Marshall High School

"It is exciting to collaborate with teachers and UC partners because of the vast amounts of expertise that both groups bring. I feel that we are really putting something together that will contribute greatly to student learning and excitment about Earth Science!" Jennifer Johnson, Teacher on Special Assignment (UCMP)

"I am especially interested in the collaborative aspect of this project. Sharing ideas and expertise with other science units and with experienced teachers is a supportive process that generates creative and productive work." Rachel Winheld, Program Manager, Education and Outreach, (CfPA)

"I'm excited about engaging students and enriching their experience of astronomy and space science through the unique capabilities that technology and the Internet provide, and supporting all teachers in strengthening these subjects in middle and high-school science! As a developer, I see ISTAT as a win-win situation: collaborating directly with teachers helps us make more user-friendly, high-quality lessons, and teachers will have ownership in creating standards-aligned digital curriculum units tailored to their needs." Anne Miller-Bagwell (CSE@SSL)

"I have really enjoyed being part of the ISTAT Team. As a new teacher, I am very excited about helping other teachers in SFUSD—and beyond—get support for teaching with new materials. We all know that the resources available to us in the computer age are boundless, so it is very important that we have some way to filter through it and organize it for use in our classrooms. This UC Berkeley/SFUSD venture is a wonderful one that will surely help us with this challenge." Eric Lewis, Teacher, Mission High School

"It's very exciting. The potential of this project is overwhelming and beautiful." David Barrios, Teacher, Galileo Academy of Science and Technology

"For me, ISTAT is an exciting project because it explores the innovative ways we can use information technology and well designed Web-based learning materials in the K-12 classroom. I enjoy working with teachers and UC Berkeley partners in this very collaborative process, and look forward to implementing curriculum that will help teachers inspire students to learn about the exciting fields of astronomy and space science. Barney Desroches, Program Representative (CSE@SSL)

"I am involved with ISTAT because I think physics and astronomy are great subjects that people assume are too hard for them to grasp, which is simply not the case. We are putting together tools to teach kids that physics and astronomy are something that they too can study." Lindley Winslow, undergraduate student (CfPA)

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