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Past events

An archive of past UCMP events. FC = Fossil Coffee; VPL = Vert Paleo Lunch; EBSC = East Bay Science Cafe.


Jul 30-Aug 3: Think Evolution IV: A summer institute for science educators
Aug 28: FC: Charles Marshall, UCMP Director and Professor, Integrative Biology
"What (and who) is new in UCMP"
Sep 04: FC: Seth Finnegan, new UCMP Curator and Assistant Professor, Integrative Biology
"Climate change and extinction in the Paleozoic (and beyond?)"
Sep 05: EBSC: John Dueber, Assistant Professor, Engineering
"Using synthetic biology to build microbial factories producing biofuels"
Sep 11: FC: Lisa White, UCMP's new Assistant Director of Education and Public Programs
"From west coast Neogene ocean and climate change to the recruiting of minorities to sciences"
Sep 18: FC: Jon Payne, Stanford University
"Using Lazarus taxa to quantify the completeness of the fossil record"
Sep 25: FC: Natalia Villavicencio, UCMP grad student
"Rat middens, vegetation and climate change in the southern Atacama Desert during the last 50,000 years"
Oct 02: FC: Dula Parkinson, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
"Paleobiological uses of the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Advanced Light Source"
Oct 03: EBSC: Michelle Koo Biodiversity Informatics & GIS Staff Curator, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology (MVZ)
"The big data revolution in natural history museums"
Oct 09: FC: Andy Rominger, Environmental Science, Policy & Management
"Clades as thermodynamic units: Using principles from econophysics to predict Phanerozoic diversity dynamics"
Oct 23: FC: Rob Asher, Cambridge
"Better late than never: Dental ontogeny in afrotherians and other mammals"
Oct 30: FC: Tom van Hoof, University of Utrecht
"Applying palaeoecological and sedimentological techniques to evaluate and compare basin development in Carboniferous coal fields"
Nov 06: FC: Pat Holroyd, UCMP Museum Scientist
"UCMP's secret archives and our effort to catalogue them"
Nov 07: EBSC: Todd Dawson, Professor, Integrative Biology and Environmental Science, Policy & Management
"Out of the mist and into the mayhem: The biology of redwoods in the changing world"
Nov 13: FC: Jenna Judge, UCMP grad student
"A 3D investigation of the morphology of lepetellid limpets (Lepetella sierrai): hypotheses on feeding ecology and symbiosis"
Nov 20: FC: Susumu Tomiya, new UCMP Ph.D.
"North American Cenozoic mammalian carnivore community dynamics"
Nov 27: FC: Jim Valentine, UCMP Curator and Professor Emeritus, Integrative Biology
"Implications of modern ocean circulation patterns to major biogeographic patterns, and their implications for the fossil record"
Dec 05: EBSC: Mark Laidre, Miller Fellow, Integrative Biology
"The co-evolution of communication and cooperation"


Jan 22: FC: Charles Marshall, UCMP Director and Professor, Integrative Biology
"How terrestrial mammalian clades lose to the Red Queen"
Jan 29: FC: Kevin Padian, UCMP Curator and Professor, Integrative Biology
"New information on the origin of bat flight"
Feb 01: VPL: Tracy Thomson, University of California Riverside
"Footprints from the Triassic Moenkopi Formation of Arizona"
Feb 05: EBSC: Ken Finger, UCMP Museum Scientist
"Reconnaissance of ostracodes in the Frasassi Caves, Italy"
Feb 06: EBSC: Lisa Fernandez, grad student, Environmental Science, Policy & Management, UC Berkeley
"Pesticides and predators: What are the risks of reduced risk pesticides on an important predator, the convergent ladybird beetle?"
Feb 08: VPL: David Tarailo, University of California Irvine
"Post-Permo-Triassic terrestrial vertebrate recovery: American southwest"
Feb 12: FC: Noel Heim, Stanford
"Coevolution of marine animals and the stratigraphic record"
Feb 15: VPL: Ian Browne, Oklahoma State University
"The Barstow Formation: May the next century of exploration be as exciting as the last"
Feb 19: FC: Antoine Souron, University of Poitiers, France
"Evolutionary history of the genus Kolpochoerus (Cetartiodactyla : Suidae) during the Plio-Pleistocene in eastern Africa"
Feb 22: VPL: Sara Burch, The State University of New York at Stony Brook
"Forelimb adaptations in theropod dinosaurs"
Feb 23: UCMP short course: Unraveling the Genome: What we've learned and why it matters
Feb 26: EBSC: Erica Clites, UCMP Museum Scientist
"Recently described fauna of the shallow marine Ediacara Member (Rawnsley Quartzite) of South Australia"
Mar 01: VPL: Group discussion
Discussion of Renne et al. 2013
Mar 05: FC: Jenny Hofmeister, UCMP grad student
"Historic southern sea otter diet as an indicator of ecosystem change in the San Francisco Bay"
Mar 06: EBSC: Joanie Ball, grad student, Environmental Science, Policy & Management, UC Berkeley
"Urbanization of dragonflies: Changes in Odonata communities over the past century"
Mar 08: VPL: Group discussion
Discussion of O'Leary et al. 2013
Mar 12: FC: Carole Hickman, UCMP Curator and Professor Emeritus, Integrative Biology
"Ten modes of dispersal without larvae explain enigmatic biogeographic distributions"
Mar 15: VPL: Ralph Molnar, UCMP Research Associate
Mar 19: FC: Doris Sloan, Adjunct Professor, Earth & Planetary Sciences
"The comings and goings of San Francisco Bay"
Apr 02: EBSC: Looy Lab; Cindy Looy is a UCMP Curator and Assistant Professor, Integrative Biology
"When conifers took flight — the origins of winged seeds"
Apr 03: EBSC: Brent Mishler, Professor, Integrative Biology, and Director, University and Jepson Herbaria
"New phylogenetic methods for measuring biodiversity and their conservation applications"
Apr 05: VPL: Pat Holroyd, UCMP Museum Scientist
Apr 09: FC: Tony Huynh/Lucy Chang, UCMP undergrad and grad student, respectively
"Fluid flows within the blastoid hydrospires"/"Building up the biota in novel environments: insights using the fossil record of epeiric seas"
Apr 12: VPL: Mark Goodwin, UCMP Assistant Director for Collections and Research
Apr 16: FC: Peter Roopnarine, California Academy of Sciences
"Reversing Time: Inverting mass extinctions and dethroning the Red Queen"
Apr 19: VPL: Hlusko Lab; Leslea Hlusko is a UCMP Curator and Associate Professor, Integrative Biology
Apr 23: EBSC: Leslea Hlusko, UCMP Curator and Associate Professor, Integrative Biology
"The Olduvai Vertebrate Paleontology Project and the Comprehensive Olduvai Database Initiative"
Apr 26: VPL: Liz Ferrer, UCMP grad student
Apr 30: FC: Diane Erwin, UCMP Museum Scientist
"Traces in asphalt: Pleistocene gall makers, borers, and leaf-cutters from the Rancho La Brea Tar Pits"
May 01: EBSC: Brad Balukjian, grad student, Environmental Science, Policy & Management, UC Berkeley
"The seven-year science fair, or fifty shades of green: True bugs, new species, and why I'm not smarter than a fifth grader"
May 02: VPL: Susumu Tomiya, recent UCMP Ph.D.
"Carnivoran origins revisited"
Jun 05: EBSC: Houston Wilson, grad student, Environmental Science, Policy & Management, UC Berkeley
"Making Red Wine Green: Using biodiversity to reduce pesticide use in vineyards"
Jul 29-Aug 2: Think Evolution V: A summer institute for science educators
Aug 07: EBSC: Uta Grieshammer, Science Officer, Calfornia Institute for Regenerative Medicine
"Explore the power, the promise and the problems of stem cells"
Sep 03: FC: Welcoming new students; report on UCMP activities
Sep 04: EBSC: Lynn Ingram, Professor in the Department of Earth & Planetary Science, UC Berkeley
"Atmospheric river storms and megafloods: Past and present"
Sep 06: VPL: UCMP community
Sharing accounts of summer adventures
Sep 10: FC: David Lindberg, UCMP
"Consensus and confusion in molluscan treespace"
Sep 17: FC: Tony Barnosky, UCMP
"Paleontological evidence for the Anthropocene"
Sep 20: VPL: Erica Clites, UCMP
"Tracking the tracks: Long-term paleontological resource monitoring at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area"
Sep 24: FC: Nick Goudemand, Stanford University
"Feeding mechanism of ozarkodinid conodonts and potential implications for early vertebrates"
Sep 27: VPL: Allison Stegner, UCMP
"Using paleontological baselines to inform biodiversity conservation on the Colorado Plateau"
Oct 01: FC: Matthew Clapham, UC Santa Cruz
"Organism, species, and community responses to Early Permian warming following the late Paleozoic ice age"
Oct 02: EBSC: Pat Zambryski, Professor in the Department of Plant & Microbial Biology, UC Berkeley
"Fluorescence microscopy reveals how bacteria do amazing things!"
Oct 04: VPL: Josh Samuels, National Park Service
"Using skull shape to reconstruct the locomotor evolution of rodents"
Oct 08: FC: Hugo Bucher (tentative), Universität Zürich
"The Smithian (Early Triassic) diversification-extinction model"
Oct 11: VPL: Pat Holroyd, UCMP
"What is seasonal sampling from the isotopic record of mammal teeth?"
Oct 15: FC: Kevin Padian, UCMP
"The problem of dinosaur origins"
Oct 18: VPL: Sarah Werning, State University of New York at Stony Brook
Practice talk for SVP (Society of Vertebrate Paleontology) meeting
Oct 22: FC: Practice talks for SVP (Society of Vertebrate Paleontology) and GSA (Geological Society of America) meetings, UCMP
Oct 18: VPL: UCMP community members
Practice talks for SVP (Society of Vertebrate Paleontology) meeting; feedback on posters
Oct 27: EBSC: Matt Francis, Professor of Biochemistry, UC Berkeley
"Indulge! The delicious chemistry of fat"
Nov 05: FC: James Moore, UCL
"Finches or Fuegians — which was more important to the development of Darwin's thought?"
Nov 06: EBSC: Kai Blaisdell, Post-doctoral fellow in Environmental Science, Policy & Management, UC Berkeley
"Vines, wines, and viruses"
Nov 08: VPL: UCMP community members
Debriefing from Society of Vertebrate Paleontology meeting
Nov 12: FC: Genie Scott, National Center for Science Education
"Why do people reject good science? Reflections on the evolution and climate science wars"
Nov 15: VPL: Ralph Molnar, UCMP Research Associate
Observation, inference and speculation in vertebrate palaeontology: A case study"
Nov 19: FC: Carole Hickman, UCMP
"Iceland expedition report: Revisiting the Trans-Arctic Invasion record at Tjörnes"
Nov 26: FC: Dave Strauss, UCMP volunteer photographer
"A primer on scientific photography"
Dec 04: EBSC: Michael Nachman, Professor of Integrative Bioloogy and Director of the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, Berkeley
"What determines the complexity of life?"


Jan 21: FC: Kevin Padian, UCMP
"When is sexual selection not sexual selection?"
Jan 28: FC: Kevin Padian, UCMP
"Sexual selection, part deux: What about fossil vertebrates?"
Jan 31: VPL: Visiting prospective grad students
"Flash talks" with time for questions
Feb 04: FC: Charles Marshall, UCMP
"The evolution of morphogenetic fitness landscapes: Conceptualising the interplay between the developmental and ecological drivers of morphological innovation"
Feb 05: EBSC: Harry Greene, Professor and Curator of Herpetology, Cornell University
"Natural history, aesthetics, and conservation"
Feb 07: VPL: Adam Marsh, University of Texas, Austin
Feb 11: FC: Sarah Tulga, UCMP
"A comparative study of museum digitization standards for use in scientific research"
Feb 14: VPL: Ralph Molnar, UCMP
Feb 18: FC: Brent Mishler, University and Jepson Herbaria
"What should we do about species?"
Feb 21: VPL: Peter Kloess, Cal State Fullerton
Peter's research, mostly on Miocene birds, and updates from the Parham Lab, Cooper Museum, and Raymond M. Alf Museum
Feb 25: FC: Shanan Peters, University of Wisconsin, Madison
"Macrostratigraphy and its promise for paleobiology"
Feb 28: VPL: Felipe Vasconcellos, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Felipe's research on Cretaceous and Tertiary crocodiles
Mar 01: UCMP short course: Where have all the species gone? The processes and patterns of extinction
Mar 04: FC: No talk today
Tour of the UCMP storage space at the Regatta facility in Richmond
Mar 05: EBSC: Lauren Ponisio, grad student and Essig Museum of Entomology researcher, Berkeley
Mar 07: VPL: Sergi Lopez-Torres, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto
"Early primate evolution: The case of the Paromomyidae"
Mar 11: FC: Nick Swanson-Hysell, Earth and Planetary Sciences, UC Berkeley
"From the Outback to the Nubian Shield: Global change recorded in sediments leading up to the first Neoproterozoic Snowball Earth"
Mar 14: VPL: Natalia Villavicencio and Emily Lindsey, UCMP
"Ecological state change and megafaunal extinctions in southern Patagonia, South America"
Mar 18: FC: Cindy Looy, UCMP
"Natural history of a plant trait: Branch-system abscission in Paleozoic conifers"
Jul 30-Aug 3: