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Randy Irmis
Padian Lab

Randy Irmis


Phone: (510) 643-2109

Research: Randy is interested in several questions, including the biogeography and ecology of the earliest dinosaurs. "Basically, dinosaurs were rare in the Triassic and exploded at the beginning of the Jurassic Period. Why is this? I'm also curious about the Triassic Period because that's when most major modern vertebrate groups evolved. It was a time of real experimentation. To answer all of these questions, we need a good understanding of these organisms' relationships, which is what I'm focusing on now."

Why UCMP? "UCMP has the best Triassic collection in the U.S. I also wanted to work with Kevin Padian, who has been involved with many of these Triassic questions. Finally, as a student with a geology background, I felt I needed a good grounding in biology as well."


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