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Jenna Judge
Lindberg Lab

Jenna Judge


Phone: (510) 643-9746

Web page:

Her research: Jenna's main interests are the patterns and processes that control biodiversity in the deep-sea, particularly in chemosynthetically-based ecosystems such as hydrothermal vents, cold seeps, whale falls, and sunken wood. Many molluscan groups have successfully colonized these habitats, yet few have diversified. Jenna is investigating the processes by which these groups were able to diversify and take advantage of these highly productive habitats within the relatively desolate deep sea and what features distinguish them from groups that did not diversify. She will be using a phylogenetic approach and will incorporate molecular, morphological, fossil, and biogeographic data to address this problem.

Why she loves science: Jenna has been fascinated by the deep-sea since high school and this interest has only grown and been further developed through college at UC Santa Barbara and her time thus far as a graduate student at UC Berkeley. Her interactions with the UCMP community have been especially instrumental in leading her to her current focus on macroevolutionary patterns and a greater appreciation for deep time and the perspective it has to offer.


Judge, J. and G. Haszprunar. 2014. The anatomy of Lepetella sierrai (Vetigastropoda, Lepetelloidea): implications for reproduction, feeding, and symbiosis in lepetellid limpets. Invertebrate Biology. 133: 324-339   Read it