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Erin Meyer
Visiting Scholar (California Ocean Science Trust)

Erin Meyer


Web page:

Her research: "My research focuses on the conservation and management of Cittarium pica, a large intertidal gastropod that is endemic to the Neotropical Western Atlantic. I use phylogeography, GIS mapping and modeling, and ecology as tools to define fishery stocks, determine the level of and motivation for fishing across its range, and to investigate its natural history."

Her path to science: "I have been fascinated with the ocean since I was a child, and after I became a certified diver at age 12, I was determined to become a marine biologist. While an undergraduate at Rutgers University, I took many courses and did several internships, all of which led me to my passion for marine invertebrates and conservation. I now combine all of these interests into what I do: Marine Invertebrate Conservation."

Her favorite thing about her research: "Not only do I get to travel to the Neotropical Western Atlantic to conduct my research, but I know that the results of my research will help protect an ecologically and socially important species and to provide a framework for future intertidal invertebrate conservation."


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