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Mary Allison Stegner
Barnosky Lab

Mary Allison Stegner


Phone: (510) 643-6275

Web page:

Her Research: "My research utilizes the Quaternary paleontological record to understand how past and present-day communities are related. I am also interested in how individual species and communities change through time in response to environmental changes, and in defining metrics of 'normal' community change for comparison with currently observed changes."

Why Paleontology? "I always planned to go into more traditional field ecology until I began working in a paleoecology lab as a junior. Suddenly a whole new dimension of ecology was revealed to me — being able to study communities not just at one time point (present-day) and one expression of environmental conditions, but rather the environment through time and through dramatic changes, like glacial-interglacial cycles, allowing for a much deeper understanding of how such communities actually work and respond to variation. I was hooked!"


Stegner, M.A. 2015. The Mescal Cave Fauna (San Bernardino County, California): Testing Assumptions of Habitat Fidelity in the Quaternary Fossil Record. Quaternary Research. 83(3):582-587. Notes: Manuscript addresses Mescal Cave, UCMP Locality #V3864, which was excavated by a UCMP party led by RA Stirton in 1938.  Read it

Barnosky A.D., M. Holmes, R. Kirchholtes, E. Lindsey, K.C. Maguire, A.W. Poust, M.A. Stegner, J. Sunseri, B. Swartz, J. Swift, N.A. Villavicencio, G.O.U. Wogan. 2014. Prelude to the Anthropocene: Two new North American Land Mammal Ages (NALMAs). Anthropocene Review, 9 Sept. 2014. Anthropocene Review 1-18.  Read it

Stegner, M.A., Holmes, M. 2012. Using palaeontological data to assess mammalian community structure: Potential aid in conservation planning, Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, doi:10.1016/j.palaeo.2012.04.019  Read it

Stegner, A., and M. Holmes. 2011. Using paleontological databases to assess spatial and temporal conservation of mammalian community structure as an aid to conservation planning. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 31(3, suppl.):199A.  Read it

Stegner, A., and E.A. Hadly. 2010. Using the past to predict the future: blue grouse as a model for climate change. Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Meeting, Pittsburg, PA.