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Jann Vendetti
Hickman Lab

Jann Vendetti


Phone: (510) 642-9865

Research: As a first year student Jann hasn't selected a specific research project, but is exploring the broad spectrum of invertebrate paleontology.

Why paleo?"My first interest was biology, but I was drawn to geology because a timescale is needed in order to develop a full picture of life. In fact, that's what paleontology is."

Path to Berkeley: "After finishing my undergraduate work in biology and geology at Colgate, I wrote for Geotimes, then taught English in Taiwan. I considered other schools, but I felt that this was the right place for me, especially given Carole Hickman's work in invertebrate paleontology."

Just for fun: "I love giving museum tours. I get to learn about the collections, then relay what I learn to kids."