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Friends of UCMP, September 2011

We would like to welcome the following new or renewing members to our Friends of UCMP:

Arthur and Barbara Boucot*
Carole Hickman*
Veronica A. Macdonald*
Charles Marshall*
Nestor John Sander
Marc and Linda Carrasco
Doris Sloan
Michele L. Aldrich*
Walter and Mildred M. Alvarez*
Jill Banfield*
Douglas Clarke
Bill and Dorothy Clemens*
Ladd Coates
Elizabeth H. Conner*
Evelyn M. Fisher*
Prof. Nelson H.H. Graburn and Mrs. Katherine K. Graburn*
Stephen Hoffman
Randy Irmis
The Jonicks: Sarah, Gary, Kathleen, Patrick, and Hannah*
Susan M. Kishi*
Zhexi Luo and Sharon Feng
Martha A. Maricle*
Juanita Neilands*
Clare O'Reilly, Raymond Wong, Jesse Jones, and Julie Beagle*
James and Harriet (Jo) Sanders
Mary E. Arbogast
Don and Lucy Campbell*
Joseph and Susan Cerny
Pam and Ted Davalos
Dr. Joe Enloe and Mrs. Joan Enloe*
Sheila M. Humphreys*
Elizabeth R. Peters
Esther Oswalt
Judith R. Tate
Bonnie Ren-Shiaw Wang*
Fran Tannenbaum Kaye*
Jaimie Levin*
Janet Mendelsohn
Frank Perry
Diana Prola
Scott Starratt
Jack and Mary Stirton
Deborah Tucker
Michael Young*

*Designates a donation to the William B.N. Berry Memorial Research Fund.
See more on the Berry Memorial Research Fund in this issue.

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