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Friends of UCMP, January 2012

We would like to welcome the following new or renewing members to our Friends of UCMP:

Suzanne F.S. Berry*
Bill and Dorothy Clemens
Maria B. Cranor
Stephen and Barbara Morris
Tides Foundation
Claire Englander-Trustor
Inez Fung*
Bob and Melinda Buchanan*
Louis and Georgette Grivetti
Henri K. Lese
Annette Lomont and Charles Raaberg
Joan H. Pennell*
John Mawby
Dr. Wade E. Miller
Forrest G. Poole*
Todd R. Olson
Paul and Sean Murphy Stone*
Marshall White
Gigi Babcock and Ralph Miller III
Ladd Coates*
James W. Downs
David Gan
John and June Hopkirk
Robert W. Kirby, Jr.
Dorothy A. Tregea
John O. White
Ruth E. White and Alan Block*
Jim Bonsey
Josephine Fong
Dennis Fenwick and Martha Lewis
Annette and Irwin Shapiro*
Jack and Mary Stirton*

UCMP caps

What do graduate students Sarah Werning (left) and Liz Ferrer have in common besides a great smile? A UCMP cap! These caps will be available for purchase on Cal Day, April 21, for only $10, or in advance (plus shipping). Interested? Contact Chris Mejia.

*Designates a donation to the William B.N. Berry Memorial Research Fund.

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