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News from the collections: Schenck's Foraminifera

Hubert Schenck

Hubert Schenck
UCMP thanks Jim Ingle for donating the remainder of Stanford University's microfossil collection, Hubert Schenck's collection of larger Foraminifera. In the early 1920s, when the oil industry first realized the utility of microfossils in correlating subsurface strata, Schenck was a UCMP graduate student in invertebrate paleontology studying larger Foraminifera. In response to the sudden demand for micropaleontologists, he found himself directing several other students who were to become pioneers in industrial micropaleontology. He was hired by Stanford in 1924 to teach the first formal course in micropaleontology on the West Coast. Schenck's collection fills seven cabinet drawers and is unique in being the only significant collection of larger Foraminifera from the West Coast of North America.

Photo from the Stanford University website