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Friends of UCMP, June 2015

We would like to welcome the following new or renwing members to our Friends of the UCMP

Michele Aldrich
Suzanne Berry
Marc Carrasco
Bill Clemens
Maria Cranor
Zhe-Xi Luo & Sharon Feng
Everett Lindsay
Barbara & Stephen Morris
Barry Roth
udy Scotchmoor& Roland Gangloff
Informed by Nature
Burroughs Wellcome Fund
The Whitman Institute
Beth Burnside
Thomas Debley
David Gee & Caryn Lum
Jere Lipps
Mehdi Mohtashemi
Don Pecko
Richard Winkler
Tasha Cammidge
Nicoline Chambers
Doug Clarke
Wendy Dembo
Phil Englander
David Englander
Harry & Arline Fierstine
Jeffrey Gross
George Grubbs
Stephen Hoffman
J Howard Hutchison
Rebecca Jabbour
Robert W. Kirby, Jr.
David Kirk
Alfred Maldonado
Joan H. Pennell
James & Harriet Sanders
Bruce Townley
Robert Youngken
Paul Babwin
Joseph Cerny
John & June Hopkirk
David Johnson
Steven & Barbara Rocchi
Scott Starratt
Harry Youmans
Alan Ascher
Jim Bonsey
Dennis Fenwick
Josephine Fong
Michael Friedman
J. Hanby
Angela Hodgson
Barbara Judd
Barry Liss
Jay Mumford
Daniel Rieder
David Smith
Louise Taylor
Susumu Tomiya