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About UCMP

UCMP newsletter for August 2018

** See a color pdf of this month's issue here **

Trex greeting visitors on CalDay2018
Fall Edition

Director's Letter
A few words from the Director of the UCMP, Charles Marshall.

Education &Outreach
What's new in Education &Outreach with Lisa White

CalDay 2018
CalDay 2018 celebrating Berkeley's 150th Birthday

Faculty in the Spotlight
Seth Finnegan Tenure and New Grants

Staff Updates
EPICC Update and Edmontasaurus.

What's new in the collections
San Francisco Public Utilities Commissions Updates.

Student Honors
Commencement and beyond!

Friends of UCMP
Thanks to the UCMP benefactors.

Past Issues
Online newsletters from September 1999 to present

Photo by Helina Chin.