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Friends of UCMP Web

The UCMP website redesign of 2006 was made possible by contributions from the following friends:

  William Ahern
Robert Allan
Paul Babwin
Rachel & John Bertone
Joseph Cerny
Arlyn Christopherson
Douglas Clarke & Sally Jo Rosenbusch-Clarke
Bill & Dorothy Clemens
Ladd & Linda Coates
E. Patrick Creehan
Celia Cuomo
Karen Elkington
Dennis Fenwick & Martha Lewis
Harley Garbani
Marian Gonzalez
Sue Hoey
Joseph Huston
Edward & Donna Irmis
Zhexi Luo & Sharon Feng
  Craig & Peggy Lyon
Bruce & Jeanette MacFadden
John & Dian Mawby
Janet Mendelsohn
Carol Munson
Esther Oswalt
Donald Pecko
Bill Perkins
Frank Perry
Elton Puffer
James & Harriet Sanders
Scott Starratt
Jack & Mary Stirton
Judith Tate
Bruce Townley
J. Hugh & Eleanor Visser
Hugh Wagner
Clarence & Carol Weinmann