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Visiting UCMP

Please contact the Museum Scientist in charge of the appropriate section of the collections to schedule a visit.

Research Loans


Please contact the Museum Scientist in charge of the appropriate section of the collections to request a loan.

Loan Time Limits

When a specimen is no longer in use in current research projects, it should be returned promptly. Holotypes: 6 month limit. Loans of holotypes are nonrenewable. Published specimens: 12 months, subject to written extension. Please contact a Museum Scientist to request renewal of an existing loan.


UCMP loans constitute agreements between institutions, are sent to the addressee, and are the responsibility of the addressee. Transfer of loans between individuals or institutions is prohibited. Specimens on loan requested by another scientist must be returned to UCMP by the original addressee before any new loan of specimens is processed, in order to clear the loan record of the original addressee. The loan record of the original addressee will be cleared before a new loan agreement is sent to the new addressee. Failure to comply may affect future use of UCMP materials.

Change of Address

Notify UCMP immediately if there is a change of address to update the loan agreement. If the change of address includes a change of institution, a new loan agreement must be issued.


Fossils will be shipped (and must be returned) by certified mail or other tracked shipping method (e.g. UPS with GroundTracking, Federal Express). The borrower may be asked to pay for shipping costs of large or difficult to pack specimens. Type specimens are hand-carried only.

Limitations On Use

Research loans are not to be used for teaching. Any preparation, destructive analysis, molding and casting is prohibited without prior written consent from UCMP.


For publication purposes, the Museum acronym is "UCMP", e.g., specimen UCMP 29720. Locality numbers may be preceded by (a) letter(s); these should be cited along with the number, e.g. V7207, PA579, D570.


Please send a copy of any publication of UCMP material to the attention of the appropriate Museum Scientist. UCMP maintains a file of published UCMP specimens.

Taxonomic Changes

Please note any changes on a separate slip of paper and place it with the specimen. Do not make corrections on the original specimen labels.

Casting and Molding

Institutions with prior permission to mold and cast UCMP specimens on loan may procude two cases for internal use. Please return all molds of UCMP specimens and two museum-quality casts to UCMP. UCMP specimens may not be molded and cast for exchange or sale with other instituions, individuals, or companies without the written permission of the UCMP director. UCMP retains all copyrights and distribution rights.


The museum retains several files of maps and map indices, and a Master Locality Map File (mostly topographic) of UCMP localities. Contact a Museum Scientist for access and use policy.


UCMP accepts donated materials complementary to existing collections. Specimens must have locality data and, if of a regulated nature, evidence of clear title (e.g. copies of collecting permits, permission letters from private land owners, or deeds of gift). UCMP reserves the right to choose not to accept materials of unclear ownership or history.

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