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Invertebrate Collection Cambrian Locality Coverage:

The UCMP collections contain Cambrian invertebrate fossils from the following geographic regions and geologic units.  The geographic and formation names are generally those in use at the time of collection, and may differ from current usage.  For more infomation, contact the collection manager

Geographic region          Geologic unit
Australia      Queensland                  
Australia      South Austr Ajax            
Australia      Victoria                    
Canada                     Burgess Shale   
Canada                     Eldon           
Canada                     Mt Whyte        
Canada                     St Piran        
Canada                     Stephen         
Canada                     Wcathedral      
Canada                     Whyte           
Czechoslovaki              Jince           
Denmark                    Andrarum        
France                     Acadian         
Norway                     Tremadoc        
United States  Arizona                     
United States  Arizona     Abrigo          
United States  Arizona     Bright Angel    
United States  Arizona     Rincon          
United States  California  Andrews Mt      
United States  California  Bonanza King    
United States  California  Cadiz           
United States  California  Campito         
United States  California  Carrara         
United States  California  Deep Springs    
United States  California  Gallatin        
United States  California  Goodsprings     
United States  California  Harkless        
United States  California  Montenegro      
United States  California  Mule Spring     
United States  California  Nopah           
United States  California  Poleta          
United States  California  Reed            
United States  California  Silver Peak     
United States  California  Wood Canyon     
United States  California  Wyman           
United States  Indiana     Poleta          
United States  Missouri    Bonneterre      
United States  Montana     Pilgrim         
United States  Montana     Siyeh           
United States  Montana     Wheeler         
United States  Montana     Woolsey         
United States  Nevada      Bonanza King    
United States  Nevada      Dunderberg      
United States  Nevada      Harkless        
United States  Nevada      Montenegro      
United States  Nevada      Poleta          
United States  Nevada      Tybo            
United States  Pennsylvani Kinzers         
United States  Pennsylvani Vintage         
United States  Pennsylvani Warrier         
United States  South Dakot Deadwood        
United States  Utah        Marjum          
United States  Utah        Wheeler         
United States  Wisconsin   Franconia       
United States  Wisconsin   Potsdam         
United States  Wyoming                     
United States  Wyoming     Flat Head       
United States  Wyoming     Gros Ventre     
United States  Wyoming     Pilgrim