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Invertebrate Collection Cretaceous Locality Coverage:

The UCMP collections contain Cretaceous invertebrate fossils from the following geographic regions and geologic units.  The geographic and formation names are generally those in use at the time of collection, and may differ from current usage.  For more infomation, contact the collection manager

Geographic region          Geologic unit 
Algeria                    Valanginian      
Australia      South Austr                  
Australia      West Austr                   
Australia      West Austr  Miria Marl       
Belgium                    Maestrichtian    
British East               Albian           
Canada                     Dewdney Creek    
Canada                     Nanaimo          
Canada                     Neocomian        
Canada                     Valanginian      
Colombia                   Utica            
Colombia                   Villeta          
Czechoslovaki              Turonian         
Denmark                    Arnager          
Denmark                    Campanian        
Denmark                    Cenonian         
Denmark                    Maastrichtian    
Denmark                    Robbedale        
England                    Albian           
England                    Aptian           
England                    Bargate Beds     
England                    Cenomanian       
England                    Coniacian        
England                    Faringdon        
England                    Gault            
England                    Greensand        
England                    Gualt            
England                    Lower Greensan   
England                    Tortonian        
England                    Turonian         
England                    Upper Chalk      
England                    Upper Greensan   
France                     Albian           
France                     Aptian           
France                     Barremian        
France                     Campanian        
France                     Cenomanian       
France                     Hauterivian      
France                     Maestrichtian    
France                     Neocomian        
France                     Santonian        
France                     Senonian         
France                     Turonian         
France                     Urgonian         
France                     Valanginian      
France                     Vraconnian       
Germany                    Albian           
Germany                    Barremian        
Germany                    Cenomanian       
Iran                       Cenomanian       
Iran                       Maestrichtian    
Iraq                       Maestrichtian    
Italy                      Senonian         
Jamaica                    Barrettia        
Lebanon                    Aptian           
Mexico                     Alisitos         
Mexico                     Alisotis         
Mexico                     Buda             
Mexico                     El Gallo         
Mexico                     Escondido        
Mexico                     La Boca          
Mexico                     Mendez           
Mexico                     Punta Baja       
Mexico                     Rosario          
Mexico                     Sepultura        
Mexico                     Velasco          
Netherlands                Maastrichtian    
New Zealand                                 
Pakistan                   Pab              
Peru                       Albian           
Peru                       Cenomanian       
Peru                       Senonian         
Peru                       Turonian         
Spain                      Cenomanian       
Sumatra                    Cenomanian       
Sweden                     Campanian        
Sweden                     Maastrichtian    
Switzerland                Albian           
Switzerland                Aptian           
Switzerland                Neocomian        
Switzerland                Susswessenkalk   
United States  Alabama     Ripley           
United States  Alabama     Selma            
United States  Alabama     Tombigbee        
United States  Alaska                       
United States  Alaska      Chignik          
United States  Alaska      Corwin           
United States  Alaska      Shaktolik        
United States  Arizona                      
United States  Arizona     Arizona          
United States  Arizona     Mural            
United States  Arkansas    Annona           
United States  Arkansas    Brownstown       
United States  Arkansas    Marlbrook        
United States  Arkansas    Nacatoch         
United States  Arkansas    Ozan             
United States  Arkansas    Saratoga         
United States  Arkansas    Taylor           
United States  Arkansas    Tokio            
United States  California  Alisitos         
United States  California  Antelope         
United States  California  Asuncion         
United States  California  Berryessa        
United States  California  Budden Canyon    
United States  California  Calera           
United States  California  Chico            
United States  California  Forbes           
United States  California  Franciscan       
United States  California  Funks            
United States  California  Garzas           
United States  California  Gualala          
United States  California  Guinda           
United States  California  Hornbrook        
United States  California  Horsethief       
United States  California  Horsetown        
United States  California  Indian Peak      
United States  California  Jack Creek       
United States  California  Jalama           
United States  California  Knoxville        
United States  California  Ladd             
United States  California  Marmolejo        
United States  California  Moreno           
United States  California  Oakland Cgl      
United States  California  Ono              
United States  California  Panoche          
United States  California  Paskenta         
United States  California  Pigeon Point     
United States  California  Rosario          
United States  California  Shasta           
United States  California  Sites            
United States  California  Venado           
United States  California  Volta            
United States  Colorado    Benton           
United States  Colorado    Mancos           
United States  Colorado    Pierre           
United States  Delaware    Navesink         
United States  Georgia     Ripley           
United States  Kansas                       
United States  Kansas      Benton           
United States  Kansas      Blue Hill        
United States  Kansas      Dakota           
United States  Kansas      Greenhorn        
United States  Kansas      Niobrara         
United States  Maryland    Monmouth         
United States  Michigan    Prairie Bluff    
United States  Michigan    Ripley           
United States  Michigan    Selma            
United States  Minnesota   Coleraine        
United States  Minnesota   Dakota           
United States  Mississippi Owl Creek        
United States  Mississippi Prairie Bluff    
United States  Mississippi Ripley           
United States  Missouri    Cloverly         
United States  Montana     Bear Paw         
United States  Montana     Claggett         
United States  Montana     Pierre           
United States  New Jersey                   
United States  New Jersey  Merchantville    
United States  New Jersey  Navesink         
United States  New Mexico  Benton           
United States  New Mexico  Broken Jug       
United States  New Mexico  Corbett          
United States  New Mexico  Mancos           
United States  New Mexico  Playas Peak      
United States  New Mexico  Purgatoire       
United States  Oklahoma    Caddo            
United States  Oklahoma    Comanchean       
United States  Oklahoma    Washita          
United States  Oregon      Cenomanian       
United States  Oregon      Days Creek       
United States  Oregon      Hornbrook        
United States  South Dakot Carlile          
United States  South Dakot Greenhorn        
United States  South Dakot Pierre           
United States  Tennessee   Ripley           
United States  Texas                        
United States  Texas       Anacacho         
United States  Texas       Austin           
United States  Texas       Austin Chalk     
United States  Texas       Buda             
United States  Texas       Comanche         
United States  Texas       Comanche Peak    
United States  Texas       Comanchean       
United States  Texas       Del Rio          
United States  Texas       Denison Marl     
United States  Texas       Denton           
United States  Texas       Duck Creek       
United States  Texas       Eagle Ford       
United States  Texas       Edwards          
United States  Texas       Escondido        
United States  Texas       Fort Worth       
United States  Texas       Fredericksburg   
United States  Texas       Georgetown       
United States  Texas       Glen Rose        
United States  Texas       Goodland         
United States  Texas       Grayson          
United States  Texas       Kemp             
United States  Texas       Kiamichi         
United States  Texas       Main Street      
United States  Texas       Navarro          
United States  Texas       Pawpaw           
United States  Texas       Pecan Gap        
United States  Texas       Purgatoire       
United States  Texas       San Carlos       
United States  Texas       Taylor           
United States  Texas       Walnut           
United States  Texas       Washita          
United States  Texas       Weno             
United States  Texas       Woodbine         
United States  Utah        Mancos           
United States  Utah        Mowry            
United States  Utah        Tropic           
United States  Washington  Forbes           
United States  Washington  Nanaimo          
United States  Washington  Pasayten         
United States  Wyoming     Aspen            
United States  Wyoming     Cloverly         
United States  Wyoming     Fox Hills        
United States  Wyoming     Lance            
United States  Wyoming     Mesaverde        
United States  Wyoming     Pierre