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Invertebrate Collection Jurassic Locality Coverage:

The UCMP collections contain Jurassic invertebrate fossils from the following geographic regions and geologic units.  The geographic and formation names are generally those in use at the time of collection, and may differ from current usage.  For more infomation, contact the collection manager

Geographic region          Geologic unit
Algeria                    Bathonian       
Austria                    Lias            
Canada                     Maud            
Canada                     Maude           
Cuba                       Jagua           
Denmark                    Lias            
England                    Bradfordian     
England                    Clypeus Grit    
England                    Cornbrash       
England                    Fairford        
England                    Forest Marble   
England                    Great Oolite    
England                    Hampden Marl    
England                    Inferior Oolit  
England                    Kimmeridgian    
England                    Lias            
England                    Stonesfield     
England                    Wenlock         
England                    Whitbian        
France                     Aalenian        
France                     Bajocian        
France                     Bathonian       
France                     Callovian       
France                     Hettangian      
France                     Kimmeridgian    
France                     Oxfordian       
France                     Toarcian        
Germany                    Aalenian        
Germany                    Argovian        
Germany                    Bajocian        
Germany                    Callovian       
Germany                    Kimmeridgian    
Germany                    Oxfordian       
Germany                    Pleinsbachian   
Germany                    Portlandian     
Germany                    Purbeckian      
Germany                    Solenhofen      
Japan                      Torinosu        
Poland                     Bajocian        
Poland                     Bathonian       
Poland                     Callovian       
Switzerland                Bajocian        
Switzerland                Bathonien       
Switzerland                Callovian       
Switzerland                Lias            
Switzerland                Oxfordian       
U.S.S.R.                   Volgian         
United States  Alaska                      
United States  Alaska      Chinitna        
United States  Alaska      Kialagvik       
United States  Alaska      Naknek          
United States  Alaska      Shelikof        
United States  California  Franciscan      
United States  California  Hardgrave       
United States  California  Hinchman        
United States  California  Knoxville       
United States  California  Logtown Ridge   
United States  California  Mariposa        
United States  California  Mormon          
United States  California  Paskenta        
United States  California  Sailor Canyon   
United States  California  San Luis        
United States  California  Thompson        
United States  California  Toro            
United States  Colorado    Morrison        
United States  Montana     Sundance        
United States  New Mexico  Wingate         
United States  Oregon      Hyde            
United States  Oregon      Lonesome        
United States  South Dakot Sundance        
United States  Utah        Carmel          
United States  Utah        Kanab           
United States  Utah        Morrison        
United States  Utah        Summerville     
United States  Utah        Sundance        
United States  Wyoming     Gypsum Spring   
United States  Wyoming     Sundance        
United States  Wyoming     Twin Creek