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Invertebrate Collection Silurian Locality Coverage:

The UCMP collections contain Silurian invertebrate fossils from the following geographic regions and geologic units.  The geographic and formation names are generally those in use at the time of collection, and may differ from current usage.  For more infomation, contact the collection manager

Geographic region          Geologic unit 
Australia      Victoria                    
Canada                     Cabot Head      
Canada                     Manitoulin      
Canada                     Rochester       
Czechoslovaki              Budnanian       
Czechoslovaki              Kopanina        
Czechoslovaki              Llandoverian    
Czechoslovaki              Lochkov         
Czechoslovaki              Lochkovian      
Czechoslovaki              Ludlow          
Czechoslovaki              Pridoli         
Czechoslovaki              Wenlock         
Czechoslovaki              Wenlockian      
England                    Aymestry        
England                    Downtonian      
England                    Llandovery      
England                    Ludlovian       
England                    Ludlow          
England                    Wenlock         
Norway                     Llandovery      
Norway                     Ludlow          
Sweden                     Colonus         
Sweden                     Eke             
Sweden                     Hamra           
Sweden                     Hemse           
Sweden                     Hogklint        
Sweden                     Mulde           
Sweden                     Slite           
Sweden                     Tofta           
United States  California  Gazelle         
United States  California  Hidden Valley   
United States  California  Montgomery      
United States  California  Roberts Mt.     
United States  Idaho       Waldron         
United States  Illinois    Lockport        
United States  Illinois    Niagara         
United States  Illinois    Port Byron      
United States  Indiana     Huntington      
United States  Indiana     Kokomo          
United States  Indiana     Liston Creek    
United States  Indiana     Niagara         
United States  Indiana     Waldron         
United States  Iowa        Hopkinton       
United States  Iowa        Niagara         
United States  Kentucky    Louisville      
United States  Kentucky    Niagara         
United States  Kentucky    Noland          
United States  Maine       Ashland         
United States  Maine       Eastport        
United States  Maine       Perham          
United States  Maine       Quoddy          
United States  Minnesota   Trenton         
United States  Missouri    Edgewood        
United States  Nevada      Hanson Creek    
United States  Nevada      Laketown        
United States  Nevada      Roberts Mt      
United States  New Mexico  Fusselman       
United States  New York    Clinton         
United States  New York    Grimsby         
United States  New York    Manlius         
United States  New York    Medina          
United States  New York    Niagara         
United States  New York    Reynales        
United States  New York    Rochester       
United States  New York    Shelby          
United States  New York    Sodus Shale     
United States  New York    Williamson      
United States  Ohio        Brassfield      
United States  Ohio        Cedarville      
United States  Oklahoma    Henryhouse      
United States  Oklahoma    Hunton          
United States  Tennessee   Beech River     
United States  Tennessee   Brownsport      
United States  Tennessee   Niagaran        
United States  Utah        Laketown        
United States  Virginia    Clinton         
United States  Wisconsin   Mayville