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This subpage of our Botanical Collections listings includes checklists of plants by region, as well as full on-line floras and atlases. Items are listed by geographical region, then alphabetically by name.

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Africa | Europe | Asia | Australia | Pacific Basin

General North America (Canada and US)
Canadian Geographical Names

Western North America (Canada and US)
Annotated Bibliography of Nevada Paleobotany (ftp site)
Atlas of the Vascular Plants of Utah
California Coastal Plant Communities
The CalFlora Database
Northern Prairie Science Center (North Dakota)
Plants Resources
Plants Along the Los Angeles River, CA
Texas A&M Herbarium (TAMU)
Checklist of the Vascular Plants of Texas
The Navasota Flora, Texas
Texas Flora Checklist
Texas Organization for Endangered Species
Texas Plant Diversity Information Center
Vascular Plants Endemic to Texas
Texas Threatened and Endangered Plants
University of California, Berkeley: University and Jepson Herbaria
Jepson Place Name Index
Washington Natural Heritage Program
Western Botanical Database Federation
Woody Plants of the Central Santa Ynez Mountains

Eastern North America (Canada and US)
Arkansas Biodiversity: The Vascular Flora
Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants
Checklist of the Mosses of the Interior Highlands
Vascular Plant Type Catalog, NY Botanical Garden
Generic Flora of the Southeastern US
Muskoka Flora: an annotated checklist of vascular plants (Ontario, Canada)
Native Plants of South Florida
Bromeliaceae of South Florida
Ferns of South Florida
NPSF Master List by Family
Orchids of Wisconsin - An Interactive Flora
Pennsylvania Flora Project
Rare and Endangered Species Checklist of Missouri
SERFIS — SouthEastern Floristic Information System
Bilingual Information Systems (English - Chinese)
SERFIS Database (access through Telnet)
Submerged Aquatic Vegetation in Chesapeake Bay
Vascular Plants of North Central Florida Checklist

Missouri Botanical Garden
Checklist of the Fortuna Watershed, Panama
Flora Mesoamericana
Gazetteer of Costa Rican Plant-Collecting Locales
Manual de las Plantas de Costa Rica
Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad, Costa Rica, also available in English
Preliminary Checklist of the Plants of Costa Rica (in Spanish)
Types in the Herbarium
Q'Taxa, University of California, Riverside
Cycads of Mexico (selected information)
Trees of the Great Peten

South America
Andean Botanical Information System
Base de Dados Tropical, Brazil
Flora do Cerrado do Estado de Sao Paulo (in Portugese)
Gallery Forest of the Mata Ciliar (in Portugese)
Missouri Botanical Garden
Checklist of the Flora of Argentina (and more)
Flora of the Venezuelan Guayana
Peru Checklist — Flowering Plants and Gymnosperms
New York Botanical Garden, Herbarium (NYBG)
Checklist of the flora of Una Biological Reserve, Bahia, Brazil
Robinson Crusoe Islands Flora
Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History, Dept. of Botany
Plants of the Guianas

Missouri Botanical Garden
Checklist of the Lopa-Okanda Reserve, Gabon
Conspectus of the Vascular Plants of Madagascar

Europe & USSR
Finnish Museum of Natural History, Botanical Museum (H)
Atlas of Vascular Plants in Finland
Vascular Plants of Finland
Flora of Croatia Checklist
Flora of Europe: a photographic herbarium
Mosses of the Former USSR

Checklist of Japanese Mosses
Flora and Vegetation of Israel (under construction)
Trees of Borneo
Flora of Malaysia
Flora of Mount Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Missouri Botanical Garden
Flora of China
Flora of China Checklist
Moss Flora of China
Poisonous Plants of Singapore

Australian National Botanic Gardens
Australian Place Name Index
Australian Botanical Glossaries
Catalogue of Australian Mosses (gopher)
Common Names of Australian Plants (gopher)
Flora of Australia (selected volumes)
Pooideae (Poaceae) in Australia
Native: Western Australia Wildflowers

Pacific Basin
Bernice Bishop Museum, Honolulu, Hawaii
Museum, Botany Home Page
Hawaii Biological Survey
Botany Databases
Hawaiian Plant Bibliography
Hawaiian Flowering Plant Checklist
Botanical Types Database
Hawaiian Botanical Images

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