The Pacific Rim Biodiversity Catalog

The University of California Museum of Paleontology, with the support of the Pacific Rim Research Program, has compiled a database on Pacific Rim biodiversity. We have sought information from nearly 200 natural history institutions throughout the world concerning the taxonomic, geographic and temporal composition of their Pacific Rim zoological and paleontological holdings.

As of October 25, 1994 we had received over 65 responses to our survey. As completed survey forms arrive, we plan to periodically update the information. Note: The catalog is temporarily unavailable.

The Pacifc Rim Biodiversity Catalog is somewhat broad in nature, but should be of considerable use to interested scientists, conservationists and policy planners. Our aim is to increase the efficiency with which information on Pacific Rim natural history is exchanged. To help us achieve this important goal, we would greatly appreciate being notified of additional Pacific Rim natural history collections. If you are with an institution that has Pacific Rim holdings and would like to receive a survey form, or if you have comments or suggestions, please contact David Lindberg.