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To search the online Cleared Leaf Collection:

  1. From the UCMP on-line collections search page, select "advanced search," which will take you to the page shown below.

  2. Select the plant collection by clicking on the "Plants" box.
  3. Select a range of specimen numbers. Specimen numbers for the Axelrod collection have the prefix ACL (case sensitive), the Berkeley collection BCL. Select "contains" from the pulldown menu, then:
    • To search only the Axelrod collection type capital "ACL" in the "Primary Specimen No." field. This will retrieve all the catalogued ACL leaves and their specimen numbers.
    • Type "BCL" to retrieve all the Berkeley leaves.
    • Type "CL" to retrieve all the cleared leaves.

    Searching on taxon (Genus, Family, etc.) or adding geographic parameters in addition to selecting your cleared leaf collection will narrow the search. Both cleared leaves and fossil leaves will be returned on general catalog searches of the plant collection.

  4. Customized search results: Unless otherwise indicated, the search will automatically retrieve only the 9 default fields for display.To display only those fields of interest go to the bottom of the page:

    Ctrl-click on those fields you want displayed in the menu window. Always select the "UCMP Collection" and "UCMP Specimen No." fields. (This step is not necessary if using the "default 9 fields" or "all UCMP fields" options.)
  5. NOTE: You can narrow your search to records with images available by using the link to Search UCMP Photos, accessible from both the simple or advanced query forms. Or, go directly to the browse list of cleared leaf images.

Go to "Advanced Database Search" page.

For more information on these collections, contact the paleobotany collection manager.