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Vertebrate Collection:
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Ursus spelaeus
The UCMP collection includes vertebrate fossils from the Devonian to the Recent and from localities around the globe. Unique aspects of the collection are holdings of Triassic vertebrates from western North America, Cretaceous dinosaurs and mammals from Montana and Wyoming, Paleocene through Pleistocene mammals from the western US, the original material from the Rancho La Brea tar pits, Tertiary Australian marsupials, Miocene faunas of Colombia, and Pleistocene cave faunas of South Africa.

Our database (searchable on-line) contains basic information on all cataloged specimens. Currently, more than 189,000 vertebrate specimen records from nearly 11,000 localities around the globe are online. We have recently begun adding specimen images to our online database, and these may be found either through the main collections interface or at CalPhotos .

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