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Trip Log: Monday, July 15, 2002

Above: The group sets up a mock quarry at UAF.
Below: Holly determines whether the stake is running true.

Leaving at 4:30 a.m. with eyes half-closed, Roland, Judy, Steve, and Amanda drove to Fort Wainwright to pack the Chinooks, which are taking a great deal of our Poverty Bar equipment into the Colville dinosaur site.

Although Roland was sleep-deprived, he reviewed the logistics of our departure tomorrow. Then after a university breakfast, we proceeded to the lawn on the north side of the Earth Science Building for a modeling of how to set up our 1-meter-square quarry in preparation for the real thing. Roland described the contents of the quarry box and we pounded in scree stakes. We used a Brunton Compass to make sure our posts were perpendicular to the base.

After our quarry review, we savored a delicious lunch at the Woods Center (student union). We spent the rest of the day in teams cleaning and packing the kitchen truck, taking driving tests in order to share the driving on the road to Deadhorse, preparing and organizing digital images for the web site. We packed our personal gear. Tomorrow we start up the famous Dalton Highway!

Reporters for the day, Phil and Rena

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