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Trip Log: Friday, July 19, 2002

The morning began at Holden Creek, but at different times for different people. The first car left for Deadhorse at 5:30 am. The cook truck left next, followed by the final vehicle as we continued our geological tour north. We passed through Atigun valley and then bid farewell to the magnificent Brooks Range, as we descended down the North Slope. We passed Slope Mountain and drove down the Sag River Valley. As we neared the end of the road, we began seeing pingos, bulges of frozen sediment uplifted by forces associated with the formation of an ice core. Our favorite pingos were Percy Pingo and Benny Pingo (a.k.a. Benny Hill).

Pilot Walt's Cessna

Above: At Deadhorse, we prepared for our trip to Poverty Bar on pilot Walt’s Cessna.
Below: Aerial view of our camp on Poverty Bar.

Aerial view of camp on Poverty Bar

Meanwhile the first group to reach beautiful downtown Deadhorse had boarded Walt’s little Cessna, bound for Poverty Bar. On the way, they saw the Arctic Ocean and polygon patterns formed on the endless tundra, before following the meandering Colville River and landing on our new home. After four planeloads arrived, Poverty Bar began to resemble a cross between Fantasy Island and Survivor.

After we set up our tents, we had a chance to meet additional members of our team: Doctor Dave, Barbara, Kevin, and Lizzie, who had all come earlier in the week to get things organized; also with them was our old friend Amanda.

Barbara prepared a dinner of chicken potato chowder with goldfish crackers, and later Doctor Dave barbecued fish he netted out of the river. Joining us for fish were geoscientists from Denver and the Anchorage USGS who were also camping here on Poverty Bar. Around the campfire we had a chance to ask questions and share stories with them before jumping into our tents, smiling because we would not have to take them down for ten days. Hooray!

Reporters for the day, Chris and Janet

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