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Trip Log: Sunday, July 21, 2002

Today was day two of our quarry excavation. We were SOOOO hot, especially in the early afternoon. So we quit and returned “home” to enjoy a great dip in the Colville River. Not all were so inclined to swim, so they got a sun shower experience to wash their hair instead—(Thank you, Dave!).

For news from Quarry 4 (AK534), the permafrost continued to melt, bringing down mountains of debris, so Judy and Steve have earned the Good Housekeeping Award for constant sweeping.

Janet hard at work
Janet, hard at work in quarry 2

For news from Quarry 3, (AK 533), lots of hot stuff (to quote Roland). Members of quarry 3 (Holly, Pat, and Pam, supervised by Lizzie) found a rib, several vertebrae, centra, and theropod teeth. Only one large landslide was reported. But all members ended the day safe, happy, and no longer clean.

For news from Quarry 2 (AK 532), they’re here. The team was composed of Janet, Phil, and Chris. Matrix was glued, and so was bone. Lots of stuff: neural arches, pieces of neural arches, possible skull bone, etc. Chris did the “recording” though he was often caught napping. Well, he did do some photography, so we can give him some credit.

Phil's bad hair day
Bad hair day, Phil?

Last but not least, news from Quarry 1 (AK 531): Peg, Rena, and Phelana. Lots of shoveling due to the melting permafrost, but it gave Peg and Rena a good break while Phelana worked the shovel. By the end of the afternoon shift, we were finding so much stuff, Phelana had a hard time keeping up with Rena and Peg with the number of bones and teeth they were finding.

Okay, Phelana’s getting too much flak from the group, so she’ll stop gloating about group 1. On to the Peregrine Falcons: they seem to be accepting our presence now. We will end the day with Musk ox burritos—yum yum! If anyone is listening out there, will you send Holly some French fries? She’s been having a craving since before Deadhorse. We had better pack up this laptop, since the clouds are moving over our camp and thunder rolls in the distance. Goodbye!

Reporters for the day: Holly and Phelana

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