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Trip Log: Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Weather report:

We had a little rain during the night, just enough to settle the dust. We woke to gray skies and mist on the Colville River and...COLD. But, cold without mosquitoes, so for some of us it was a very nice day. However, there were frozen toes and fingers and numb butts all morning. To the rescue—Amanda, bearing Cup-of-Noodles. Ambrosia to the WCCUSD intrepid paleo-enthusiasts. There were numerous votes for Cup-of-Noodles as the “best meal ever.”

The paleo rockers and fossil ferrets hard at work
Quarries AK531 “The Paleo Rockers” and AK532 “The Fossil Ferrets” hard at work.

quarry 3
Roland helps the “Three Furies” measure their fossil.

quarry 4
Quarry 4—the 5 Fs. Obviously a misnomer, as there are only 2 of them.

Quarry news:

  • Quarry 1 (531) The Fossil Ferrets’ 100th bone-find was a centrum. How clever Peg, Phelana and Rena. How very, very clever!
  • Quarry2 (532) No joke, the Punk Busters’ big find was a complete humerus. The biggest bone unearthed yet. They also discovered a possible Hadrosaur footprint. Hey, Phil, Janet and Chris you be BAD!

    setting up the stove in the yellow weatherport
    Kevin and Les set up our wood stove in the yellow weatherport.

  • Quarry 3 (533) The Three Furies felt they were on a roll mapping, their 40th bone. Then they wandered down to the north quarries (1 and 2) and saw bags and bags and pages and pages of bone finds. Good thing tomorrow is another day, Holly, Pam and Pat.
  • Quarry 4 (534) The 5 Fs (obviously they didn’t do well in school), otherwise known as the Fabulous Floating Four Fossil Finders, found an unusual cervical vertebra and only had ONE landslide into their site today. Impressive Steve, Judy, Amanda and Roland. (Hey, Roland your team would appreciate your help once in awhile!)

The final report—dinner was good and plentiful. Fresh fish, compliments of our guy Dave.

Reported from the warm Weather port (thank you NSF grant) by: Janet and Pat.

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