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Trip Log: Thursday, July 25, 2002

documenting fossils in the weatherport

Above: Pat, Pam and Phil make sure they have all the fossils they documented for the day.
Below: Kevin and Lizzie having lots of fun doing dishes.

Kevin and Lizzie washing dishes

Things that happened:

  • It was cold, rainy in the morning, and miserable.
  • A day off would have been nice.
  • Some visitors arrived by plane, but flew too close to the bluffs. Not good for the Peregrines.
  • Gary and George, teachers from Fairbanks, joined us.
  • Interesting finds:
    • Quarry 4: Judy found a beautiful scapula.
    • Quarry 3: Pam found a chevron (bone on ventral side of centrum), which looks like a wishbone. Holly found a “finger” and was very proud of it.
    • Quarry 2: Still arguing over what their name should be. Uncovered yet another ischium (hip bone) to go with the one they found yesterday. Janet found her first tooth, and then her second and third.
    • Quarry 1: “Oh no! Another bone!” We learned to jacket our fibulas and humerus.
  • Dinner was served by Rena and Holly: potato au gratin, creamy potato soup, fruit salad.
  • We were too tired and almost everyone returned to their tents by 9:00.
  • Overall, we were tired, cold, and achy.

Reporters for the day: Peg and Phelana—tired, cold, and achy.


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