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Trip Log: Friday, July 26, 2002

We got a late start to the quarries this morning (9 am instead of 8), because we had voted last night to have our “bone-briefing” in the morning, when theoretically we could all stay awake, rather than last night after dinner (most of us were in bed and asleep by 8:30 pm). Roland started his briefing with accolades to the team...and news that the BLM guy was impressed with our dedication and perseverance under adverse conditions. So much so, that he agreed to come up with some money to help provide us with our own individual bone boxes for use in our classes and throughout the district.

Amanda helps Janet put on gaiters
Amanda, in true REI style and service, shows Janet how to put on her gaiters correctly.

Weather Report—37° at 8:00 a.m. COLD and overcast, BUT it wasn’t raining!

Quarry News:

Quarry 1 (531) AKA Big Boned Women. Paleo disaster! Peg had the Paleo Bond spill on her hands. While trying to help, Phelana got glued to her gloves. Then the disaster spilled over into Quarry 2 as Phil was Paleo-bound to his quarry shale. Kevin came to the rescue and unglued Peg by taking three layers of skin off her hands, ripping Phelana’s gloves off and ignoring Phil.

Quarry 2(532) AKA The PaleoRockers. Phil had the quote of the day “There are no small bones, only small paleontologists”. In spite of such wit, he still had to stay after school to finish jacketing the huge tibia he found.

Quarry 3 (533) AKA Chips and Dip(s). They continued being the model quarry…, meticulous and patient. Their goal was to get down to 20cm (the story is that the big bones are about 25cm down)! They fell a little short, but tomorrow is another day.

Quarry 4 (534) The Five F’s. Judy and Steve, with occasional help from Amanda and Roland, found a pubic bone without the boot and a complete neural spine. Woo wooo!

Quarry 5 Our new crew. Gary and George, teachers from Fairbanks, have come to help out. They took over the Pink Boot site and are known as the BoneHeads. They made some fabulous finds: seven skull pieces; a left and right jugal (cheekbones), left prefrontal, squamosal (upper back of the skull) and two basioccipital and supraoccipital. Quarry 3 already hates you! Just kidding. Welcome.

celebrating Holly's birthday
Holly enjoys her rockin’ birthday dinner and rockin’ presents.

singing Holly's birthday song
The Poverty Bar Choir sings Holly’s birthday song to the tune of “Deck the Halls.”

Phil tell stories around the campfire.

It was Holly’s birthday today. We celebrated after dinner with poems, presents and songs. Holly said it was the best birthday she ever celebrated away from home.

We ended the night aroud the campfire listening to Dave read from Patrick McManus and Phil tell stories.

Reporters for the day: Chris and Pat

P.S. From our Birthday Girl, Holly, love and kisses to her family and she is thinking of you today!

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