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Tales from Alaska Part III: Return to Fairbanks

On the first leg of their Alaskan adventure, the group arrived in Anchorage and drove north to Fairbanks. After a few days of preparation, the second part of their journey took them north toward Prudhoe Bay, then on to the dinosaur site on the Colville River.

chinooks on Poverty Bar

Above: Chinooks land on Poverty Bar on July 29.
Below: Reporters interview us as we unload the dino fossils in Fairbanks.

Reporters watch us unload fossils

Read the team’s journal entries to find out more about the final few days of their work in Alaska.

July 29: “...The three Chinook helicopters landed close to the water on the gravel bar where we had camped and for the next two hours a moving line of fossil hunters and army service personnel (looking much like a party of leaf cutter ants) carried belongings from the camp to load on the helicopters.” Read more...

July 30: “Today was our day off. It was much needed after 10 full days on the Colville.” Read more...

July 31: “We found there was a lot more to curation of our fossils than we had thought.” Read more...

August 1: “Today was another day of curating our fossil elements. Some of us were introduced to the database, while other teams continued to clean and box quarry samples. Cleaning the fossils is very meticulous work.” Read more...

August 2: “Prior to lunch Barbara Gorman lugged in her magical bone suitcase and other teaching aids (like her 16 inch egg and Value Village biffy seat covers used to illustrate fossil taphonomy).” Read more...

August 3: “Today was our last formal day, and we celebrated the conclusion of our month-long adventure at Chena Hot Springs.” Read more...

The team enjoys a final celebration—and what a grand team they are!

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