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Online exhibits

The UCMP website contains thousands of pages of content about the history of life on Earth. Our main exhibit sections include:

The History of Life on Earth History of life through time
This enormous collection catalogs life on Earth, focusing on the ancestor/descendant relationships which connect all organisms, past and present.
Geologic time scale Tour of geologic time
Journey through geologic time to see how the Earth has changed since its debut 4.6 billion years ago.
Understanding Evolution Understanding Evolution
The Understanding Evolution site includes discussion of evolutionary theory, evidence for evolution, the relevance of evolution to our daily lives, and the history of evolutionary thought.
The Paleontology Portal The Paleontology Portal
The Paleontology Portal focuses on the fossil record of North America, including state-by-state U.S. paleontology, fossil photo galleries, and resources for the North American paleontologist community.
Understanding Science Understanding Science
This site explains how science really works. It provides an accurate portrayal of the scientific endeavor, case studies, tools, and teaching strategies for reinforcing the nature of science in the classroom (K-16).
Field notes Field notes
Accounts from UCMP faculty curators, staff, and students of their adventures and findings in the field.
Research profiles Research profiles
Take a look at some of the exciting work happening at UCMP. These profiles give a glimpse of science in action.
The world's biomes The world's biomes
Explore our planet's biomes — environmental divisions defined by the community of organisms adapted to live within them. This includes forest, desert, tundra and more.
The Mystery Fossil Mystery fossil
Perhaps it was photographed from a different viewpoint or from up close. Maybe it's odd-looking or simply uncommon. Can you identify the monthly mystery fossil?
Special exhibits Special exhibits
A collection of miscellaneous exhibits that UCMP has put together over the years. Dinosaurs, coelacanths, mantis shrimp and more!