Online Sources for Malacologists

There are two excellent and well-maintained sites of Online Molluscan Information - these are Vita Marina and Internet Resources for Conchologists. Links to most molluscan sites can be found through these two sites. Additional sites of potential interest include the Phylogenetic Resources site maintain by UCMP and the BioSciences Resource site at Harvard University.

Mollia also has initiated an on-line data repository. The repository will have a series of short communications and/or datasets that may be of interest to the community. Datasets and short communications are accepted from all members of the community. The editor for this section of Mollia should be contacted.

Vita Marina References to other Sites related to molluscs
Internet Resources for Conchologists List of resources compiled to assist conchologists
Phylogenetic Resources Access to resources for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting biological information.
BioSciences World-Wide Web Resources for Biology
Short Communications Online publications of interest to the malacological community

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