Waggoner Bacteria and Protists from Cretaceous Amber Page 23

Plate I. Fossil bacteria and testate amoebae in jelinite. All specimens are from Smoky Hill River jelinite, UCMP D-797.

Figure 3. Fossil bacterial filaments cf. Leptothrix. UCMP type 39885.

Figure 4. Close-up of a filament; note grainy, translucent sheath.

Figures 5-6. Two optical sections through test cf. Nebela. a=aperture; f=flange; p=plate. UCMP type 39886.

Figure 7. Test cf. Pontigulasia. UCMP type 39887.

Figures 8-10. Unidentified protists. n=nucleus with possible nucleolus; w=cell wall. In figure 10 the double image is due to diffraction of light by the amber. Figure 8: UCMP type 39888; figure 9: UCMP type 39889; figure 10: UCMP type 39890.

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