Back to the Future--The History of the San Francisco Bay

Day One:

The day consisted of a series of fascinating presentations followed by a panel discussion about the future of the San Francisco Bay. Archived presentation materials are linked below where they are available.

The Bay is an Anomaly

An introduction to the unique aspects of San Francisco Bay and its history.
Presenter: Jere Lipps, UC Berkeley
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Changing Landscapes

A look at the geologic processes that shaped the Bay.
Presenter: Lisa White, San Francisco State University
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The Bay Through the Ice Ages

Sea level fluctuations—the comings and goings of the bay through time.
Presenter: Doris Sloan, UC Berkeley
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Ecology of the Bay

Bay vs. coast—what is necessary to survive in such a fluctuating habitat?
Presenter: David Lindberg, UC Berkeley

Invasion of the Bay—Humans Change the Landscape

Investigating the human impact on the Bay environment.
Presenter: Kent Lightfoot, UC Berkeley
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Nothing Native Left

Investigating the impact on the Bay by invasive species.
Presenter: Jan Thompson, USGS
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Bay Marshes—Past, Present and Future

A look at the history of the marshes of our Bay system.
Presenter: Frankie Malamud-Roam, UC Berkeley
  Download presentation (PDF file, 1.5 MB)

Short Stories and Shorter Animations

A look at new technologies that can help us to understand geologic processes and events.
Presenter: David Howell, USGS
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A Panel Discussion—The Future of San Francisco Bay

A summary of the changes and causes of those changes, and the importance of this knowledge for making decisions and formulating policies.
Presenter: Jere Lipps and speakers

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