Taking steps toward new exhibits for UCMP (cont.)

Assistant Curator and Professor Nan Crystal Arens, has tackled the arduous but exciting task of conceptualizing and designing the exhibits that will be displayed in the newly finished cases. Exhibits will include: the nature of data from the fossil record, spectacular fossils from the UCMP holdings, and Cretaceous animals and plants that lived alongside our T. rex and Pteranodon.
During the VLSB budget deliberations, funding to install exhibits was also cut. So our next step will be to secure monies for the construction and installation of these exhibits. UCMP has long had support from its colleagues, its Friends, and from those simply intrigued with the history of life. One such Friend, Mary Otis Clark, was particularly fascinated by our exhibits of the early flora and fauna of California. As a result, in 1994,
  Mrs. Clark left a substantial gift to UCMP in support of our efforts to share our science with the public. We are pleased to be able to use this generous donation as a leadership gift for our exhibit campaign.
Raising the remaining funds for completion of all of the exhibits will be a major focus of our energies this year. These exhibits are important to Berkeley Paleontology, but they reach far beyond the Museum. They enhance the educational experiences of Cal students and provide further avenues through which to share our collections and research. The exhibits enable us to further our mission to promote the understanding of the history of life and the diversity of the Earth’s biota.

September, 1999

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Sketch of proposed aquarium exhibit
Sketch of the proposed aquarium exhibit.