UCMP on display: Exhibits for VLSB (cont.)

invertebrate lifestyles and allow visitors to observe the dynamics of the underwater world. The aquarium itself will be complimented by fossil representatives of the major invertebrate groups featured in the living exhibit. This component will highlight the history of the major groups and how they have changed through time. Living and fossil organisms will be complemented by a display on the geologic history and relationships among the invertebrate groups, as well as more detailed information on how modern representatives make their living.

Web Component
Despite the exciting plans for VLSB exhibits, the main focus of UCMP's exhibit program remains our web site, “Paleontology Without Walls.” To continue building on our strengths,

  all of our exhibits will have Web extensions. For example, the “What do the Fossils Say?” exhibit described above will use an example from the Cretaceous of eastern Montana to highlight its themes. The parallel web exhibit will use an example from the Pliocene of coastal California. The flexibility we enjoy in web exhibit design will allow us to add new examples as they emerge from the research of UCMP curators, staff and students.
UCMP remains primarily a research, rather than exhibit-focused, museum. However, the new spaces designed for us in VLSB offer an opportunity to bring our research out from behind closed doors to share with both our students and the general public.

September, 1999

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