A retrospective look at PaleoBios (cont.)

Diane Erwin, editor
After 31 years of student editors, Museum Scientist Diane Erwin became PaleoBios’' first staff editor in 1998.
This move encouraged submissions from other authors with material best illustrated by photographs and eventually led to the present format, which is as good, if not better, than many mainstream journals.
In 1998, UCMP realized that the continued success of PaleoBios required a greater investment of resources to ensure its stability and continuity. It was also clear that PaleoBios must be published on a regular schedule. To this end, the editorship now rotates among the Museum Scientists with interested students serving as Associate Editors, learning all aspects of production, but focusing on the peer-review and editing process.
  PaleoBios continues to provide unique academic training for students associated with UCMP, as well as a high-quality format for the distribution of original research to the paleontological community worldwide. Subscribers include individuals; institutions such as Yale, Harvard, Princeton, and the American Museum of Natural History; and libraries of the United States Geological Survey and those of institutions in Japan, Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain, England, Mexico and Canada. The growth and development of PaleoBios is the result of a heck of a lot of time and effort by a long line of highly motivated students. Each successfully carried out their roles as editor, and perhaps most importantly, each raised the bar for their successors.
Dave Smith, layout artist
Dave Smith lays out each issue of PaleoBios and prepares it for the printer

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