A retrospective look at PaleoBios (cont.)

Amy Lesen, associate editor
In 1998, Amy Lesen became the first associate editor under the new editorial arrangement.
As the first graduate student Associate Editor under the new organization of PaleoBios, I believe I have the best of both worlds. I am involved in every aspect of editing the journal, following submissions from the moment they arrive, through the review process, to publication. My input is included in every
  administrative decision. I am definitely learning valuable editorial skills I can use when I write my own manuscripts, and possibly as the editor of another journal in the future. I now know that “accepted with revision” is always good news, and I understand how to evaluate reviewers’ comments and incorporate them into a manuscript. And thanks to the partnership of Diane Erwin and Dave Smith (layout), I don’t have to spend 10 or 20 hours a week laying out the journal, getting it to the publisher, and dealing with every administrative task. PaleoBios is still a valuable forum for student research. While we receive manuscripts from all over the world, the majority of our submissions still come from UCMP undergraduates, graduate students, post docs, faculty and alumni.
I would like to acknowledge the work of the graduate student editors that came before me. The present high quality of PaleoBios is a testament to extremely hard work on the part of all my predecessors, who did it all alone while simultaneously juggling a graduate student career. This is not a small task! I think PaleoBios has already improved as a result of the new editorial configuration, and will continue to benefit from the combined knowledge and expertise of graduate students, staff and faculty.

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