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The LindLab (cont.)

Post Doctoral Researcher Sharon Moshel-Lynch is busy characterizing and isolating genes that regulate the development of tissues and organs in adult mollusks. Her goal is to ascertain how these genes are controlled and how they interact with one another so that we can better understand the differences between asymmetric and bilateral body plans.
Post Doctoral Researcher Rob Guralnick is interested in the interface of three areas of study: the evolution that modifies structures and tissues due to the pressures of natural selection; the genetic control of the development of these structures; and the resulting effects on their function. In particular, his work focuses on how function is constrained or liberated by natural selection.
As the above research projects and initiatives reflect, the members of LindLab have broad and diverse interests. No time period is too distant or too recent, and the scales of their studies are as disparate as the behavior of a single snail to the phlyogeography of the Pacific Basin. They are integrative paleobiologists of the first order and proud members of the UCMP community.
As for the Lab’s namesake, he studies limpets. And we all know what Darwin said about limpets . . . "to knock a limpet from the rock does not even require cunning, that lowest power of the mind."

May, 2000

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