Adventures in Baja (cont.)

Near El Rosario—On the return trip north, we stopped at a Cretaceous outcrop of nearshore marine and nonmarine deposits containing some dinosaur bone that had been washed in along an ancient river. The group quickly discovered several chunks of bone and a petrified tree stump.

Desert fireworks—On our last night, camping again near Cataviña, we were treated to a rare spectacle—an intense geomagnetic storm spawned an aurora borealis that lit the northern sky with a red glow. At first, we wondered if a huge forest fire was burning just over the horizon but it was just another one of the many fantastic natural phenomena we had seen over the past 7 days.


at Punta Chivato
Professor Ledesma Vázquez (with arm raised) explains the geology at Punta Chivato. (photo by David K. Smith)

May, 2001

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