UCMP supports teaching of evolution (cont.)


Evolution on-line

three domains of lifeUCMP has received two grants that together will allow us to develop a comprehensive evolution website targeted for three audiences: teachers, their students, and the general public.
WWW.Evolution is a three-year $452,014 grant from the National Science Foundation to develop an on-line course and resource center on evolution for teachers. This project will be developed in conjunction with NCSE and will include five self-study units providing content on the nature of science, historical aspects of evolution, concepts and mechanisms, challenges, and relevance to society. There will also be a section on misconceptions, classroom strategies and resources, and FAQs.
Understanding Evolution is a $390,000 four-year grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. This grant adds further support to WWW.Evolution, allowing us to augment and enhance the teacher segment. It also provides for the inclusion of two new segments—Exploring Evolution, for students, and Evolution Around Us, for the General Public.

NCSE/UCMP Summer Institute

As a supplement to the funding provided for the NCTE, NSF supported a summer institute sponsored by NCSE and UCMP, which brought
  together a small group of master teachers and science educators to develop a template or set of guidelines for those interested in providing teacher workshops on evolution. This was one of the action items recommended from the conference. The template provides recommended format and components for one-day and multiple-day venues as well as a list of resources. It will be made available to all professional societies, informal science centers, etc. via the web by the end of August.

Understanding Science

Understanding Science—
an effective partnership

Working with the CSTA, UCMP has helped to develop Understanding Science, a statewide initiative to enhance and support the teaching of evolution. Within this initiative, a series of events have been scheduled to build community and provide opportunity for discussions. The initiative has also resulted in a growing partnership to support the teaching of good science in our California classrooms. The details of each of these events can be found on our website.

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