UCMP supports teaching of evolution (cont.)


Knowledge sharing

Representatives of UCMP have been invited to several professional meetings in order to share the findings of the NCTE, discuss issues involving the teaching of evolution and the nature of science, and to share the statewide efforts of the Understanding Science initiative. These have included:
  • Teacher Workshop, Cordilleran Section of the Geological Society of America, March 2001, Universal City, CA.
  • Keynote Address on pseudoscience in America to the Arkansas Academy of Sciences, April 2001.
  • Special Spring Seminar, CSICOP Center for Inquiry West, May 2001, San Jose, CA.
  • Symposium on the Threats of Intelligent Design—Annual Spring Meeting of the American Geophysical Union, June 2001, Boston.
  • Education Symposium at the annual meeting of the Association of Systematics Collections, June 2001, Chicago.
  • Education Symposium at Evolution 2001, the annual meeting of The Society for the Study of Evolution, June 2001, Knoxville.
  • CETP-PA Conference (NSF—Collaboratives for Excellence in Teacher Preparation), August 2001, Bloomsburg.
  • Several members of UCMP and its partners have acted in advisory roles for the WGBH public television series, Evolution, to air September 24–27, 2001.

1 Adapted from an article that will appear in the August issue of California Classroom Science, the newspaper of the California Science Teachers Association.

August, 2001

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