NAPC 2001 is a big success! (cont.)

Over 450 people attended the meeting, well over 200 papers were presented, and about 60 posters were available for study during the five-day meeting held at the University’s Clark Kerr Convention Center. Meetings at Clark Kerr are always successful because of the wonderful ambiance, food and facilities there. These need to be experienced to really understand why NAPC 2001 was such an enormous success. Every morning, noon and dinner hour was filled with good paleontological conversation over excellent food and accompanied by a special “NAPC label” wine. The friendliness, the camaraderie, and the multiple opportunities to get to know other paleontologists guaranteed a good meeting. Overall, the reviews were truly positive with comments that this was “the best” or “one of the best” meetings they ever attended. Some even suggested that UCMP be the permanent home for NAPC!
While many people contributed to the success of NAPC 2001, those who put in special efforts on behalf of UCMP were Diane Erwin, Heather Leitzke, Colleen Whitney, Lisa Gershwin, Anne Monk, Jane Mason, Joyce Leighton, Nan Crystal Arens, Caroline Strömberg,
Bianca draws the name of a winner
Student attendees were eligible to win prizes donated by exhibitors. Bianca Marshack, the youngest paleontologist (14) at NAPC, selects a winner. (photo by Lisa Gershwin)
  Clark Kerr dining room
A waiter hustles through the full dining room at the Clark Kerr Conference Center. (photo by Lisa Gershwin)
Clark Kerr courtyard
The beautiful Clark Kerr courtyard was a perfect place for conference attendees to sit and talk or catch some rays. (photo by Lisa Gershwin)

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