NAPC 2001 is a big success! (cont.)

Ed Davis, Dave Smith, David Lindberg, and Jere Lipps. Thanks also go to the large number ofstudents, both from UCMP and elsewhere in the US, who were so willing to offer a helping hand.
It was truly a great meeting—full of scientific breakthroughs, the sharing of new knowledge, the forming of new friendships and collaborations, and the opportunity to interact with paleontologists from all over the world. For a closer look at the sessions on bioinformatics, preservation of fossils found on public lands, new techniques in molecular biology, the evolution of biodiversity, the spread of grasslands in the late Tertiary, and more, visit the NAPC website at
Note: The NAPC Program and Abstracts is available as a special issue of PaleoBios. See the website.
impromptu meeting
Attendees with common interests, like the “Friends of the Cambrian” arranged impromptu meetings to talk shop and look at fossils (top right photo). (photos by Lisa Gershwin)
Diane Erwin (left), Howard Schorn (center) and paleobotanical friends raise a glass of “official” NAPC 2001 wine to fossil plants! (photo by Lisa Gershwin)
  looking at fossils
Lane, Yochelson and Lipps
The National Science Foundation generously supplied funding for students and young professionals from the US, Mexico, and eastern European countries. Jere Lipps (right) tries to collect from NSF Program Manager Rich Lane (left) while Ellis Yochelson encourages the transaction! (photo by Lisa Gershwin)

August, 2001

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