Geosciences in Alaska (cont.)

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helicopters arrived after 10 days of fieldwork, everyone was ready to head back to Fairbanks and the luxuries of student housing.
Back in Fairbanks, the teachers spent an additional three days, helping to unpack, prepare, and curate their fossils. A final celebration and then, the four-week adventure was at an end, but the memories linger and the team is still together. Their job this year is to work together to generate an earth science curriculum for the entire district. Both UCMP and UAF will support them in this effort, which will include bi-weekly team meetings, the development of new resources, and mentoring of other teachers in the district.
This project is funded by the National Science Foundation, with support from WCCUSD, Mechanics Bank, US Army Fort Wainwright, and the Bureau of Land Management. You can learn more about this Alaskan adventure, “meet” the teachers involved, and keep track of the projectıs progress by visiting the Geosciences in Alaska website.
  The Alaska teachers
“The Team” celebrating the completion of their four-week adventure in Alaska. Back (left to right): Chris Tolentino, Peg Dabel, Pat Ruthnick, Janet Alpert, Phil Wharton, Steve Cutright. Front (left to right): Pam Davalos, Phelana Pang, Holly Ruff, Rena Cutright.

October, 2002

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