Explorations Through Time (cont.)

Adventures at Dry Creek virtually engages students in our research. Students join “science mentors“ to gather data and interpret direct and indirect evidence to propose multiple hypotheses of what life was like in Montana 6070 million years ago.
The Evolution of Flight examines evidence from the fossil record, behavior, biomechanics and cladistic analysis to interpret the sequence of events that led to flight in the dinosaur lineage. Students gather, organize and analyze data and then propose hypotheses about the evolution of flight in birds.

Developing the Modules
We would like to thank Pacific Bell and the National Science Foundation who have supported the development of these modules. Each module specifically acknowledges all who have contributed to the storylines, design, graphics, images, review, and inspiration. Specifically we would like to thank all of the following members of the UCMP community who have been part of the project:

Ken Angielczyk
Emina Begovic
Paul Bunje
Allen Collins
Alicia Cordero
Robert Guralnick
John Hutchinson
Jim Kurpius
Amy Lesen
Kirsten Lindstrom
Matt McHenry
Brian R. Speer
Caroline A.E. Strömberg
Tom Stidham
Rishi Verma
Anne Weil
Ben Waggoner
Diane Erwin
Mark Goodwin
Pat Holroyd
Jane Mason
Howard Schorn
Judy Scotchmoor
Dave Smith
Karen Wetmore Grycewicz
Colleen Whitney
Gay Kunz
Roxanna Jackman
Al Janulaw
Sharon Janulaw
Jennifer Johnson
Anne Monk
Susan Sherman
Pat Spencer
Mark Stefanski
Faculty & Curators:
Nan Crystal Arens
Roy Caldwell
Bill Clemens
David R. Lindberg
Jere Lipps
Kevin Padian

May, 2002

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