Thanks and fond goodbyes! (cont.)

Yasmin Rahman will be leaving us to do research at the Friday Harbor Laboratories of the University of Washington, for the summer, and then begin her graduate level studies in marine paleoecology at UC Riverside in the fall. She has been a valuable member of the preparation lab, learning many advanced techniques and in turn teaching these skills to others. Her illuminating tours of the lab to visiting students have inspired several to become volunteers. (photo by Jane Mason)

Yasmin Rahman

  Judy Sheen interviewed UCMP researchers for a series of Web profiles, a task that required her to delve into a diverse set of topics ranging from foraminifera to dinosaur thermoregulation. She then researched case studies on the importance of evolution to society, as part of our evolution project. Having completed her PhD in December, Judy is now involved in formulating ecosystem restoration plans for a number of projects in the Bay area, in her new role as a project planner for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. (photo by Jennifer Dunn)

Matt McHenry

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