A snapshot of the UCMP website (cont.)

Improved collections data search. UCMP is working with the Digital Library Project to provide a more robust Web search interface for our paleontology collections data. Using a streamlined search form, visitors will be able to query multiple collections simultaneously. Additional features such as maps and images are also under discussion.
Paleontology Portal. UCMP is working with the Society for Vertebrate Paleontology and the Paleontological Society to plan and build a paleontology portal, to facilitate easier access of the diverse range of paleontology resources currently scattered about the Internet. A centerpiece of this portal will be an interactive map, originally created by the USGS, which will allow visitors to explore the geology and paleontology of a particular region or time period.
Geosciences in Alaska. UCMP and the University of Alaska Museum, in Fairbanks, are hosting a field and research project for a group of K12 teachers from West Contra Costa Unified School District (WCCUSD) this summer. During a series of field excursions, they will focus on geologic processes, evidence for tectonics, and paleontology, making comparisons between two distinct yet similar geological settings, Alaska and
  Alaska map

California. A project Web site will follow their progress on this unique experience, funded by the National Science Foundation, the WCCUSD, and Mechanics Bank.

May, 2002

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